Goodyear: Great Innovation Leadership presented from The Society for Concurrent Product Development
March 15, 2018

When Lean Product Development emerged in the early years of the 21st Century, American based product development practitioners took a keen interest, studied the principles, and experimented by innovatively applying the principles. Over the next decade, at Goodyear in Akron Ohio, a relentless internal champion, Norbert Majerus, and a team of colleagues applied these principles, transformed Goodyear’s product development efficacy, and established Goodyear as an innovation center and a transformation model.

The transformation at Goodyear has been captured in the Shingo-Prize winning book, Lean-Driven Innovation, authored by Norbert Majerus. The success of the Goodyear transformation is captured in a most startling (to product developers) quote in the book, from a business leader to the CTO at an important cross functional meeting: “I don’t know how you did it, but we seem to get what we need, we get it when we need it, and it shows in our financial numbers’.

In this webinar, Norbert Majerus will take us through the highlights and key learnings of the Goodyear transformation into being an innovative Lean Product Development organization.