Inside-Out Transformation & Managing People in a Lean Environment at Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank in Akron, Ohio
November 9, 2018

This full-day session is a combination of two workshops: Change Management and Managing People in a Lean Transformation

A successful lean transformation requires the engagement of the people who do the actual work. This workshop teaches the basic principles of change management and shows how to engage people — in R&D and throughout processes and functions impacted by R&D — in a successful and sustainable transformation.

Bottoms-up and top-down are two popular modes for a lean transformation, but who has ever heard about an inside-out transformation? This is exactly what Goodyear did for its lean transformation of global R&D (described in the book Lean-Driven Innovation). Inside-out is about educating the people who do the work about lean principles and engaging them in an organized transformation and a well-managed change process. Leadership must also be engaged and willing to change their roles and behaviors. Respect for people is at the heart of the resulting cultural change.

This workshop is a combination of a half-day session on change management and a half-day session on engaging people in a lean transformation. (Both sessions are also taught as separate half-day events.)

The workshop focuses on the following topics:
– Organized change-management process
– How to engage people in the change
– How leadership must change
– The role of the change leader
– Lessons learned at Goodyear
– Change management and R&D project management subjects, including the 11 steps of change management, people engagement, respect for people, the role of the change leader, people-centric lean, motivation, and upside-down leadership
– Analysis and discussion of real people related cases

By attending this workshop, what will attendees be able to do upon returning to work on Monday?
– Change their behaviors to lead a more successful lean transformation
– Be a better influencer, manager, leader, and coach