Leading People and Cross-Functional Teams in a Lean Innovation Environment at Lean Innovation Forum in Madrid, Spain
October 24, 2017

Many lean change agents cite “the people” as the biggest challenge in the transformation. This was certainly also an experience that Goodyear’s lean champion, Norbert Majerus had. He learned that people must be fully engaged in the transformation to produce sustainable results.

A lot has been published about how Toyota manages people – and all of that is very good – But many companies have experienced challenges to copy the Toyota model because they have a different culture and organization.
It is obvious to Goodyear now that they have a different organization and culture and that people must be managed differently. To get there, it helps to understand the principles, the specific needs and challenges.

Through the workshop, participants will learn what experience they had in Goodyear innovation centers during and after the lean transformation.

The workshop is based on the training Goodyear provides to its associates, and includes many industrial examples as well as hands-on exercises through which the participants will understand how to lead the transformation from the people perspective.