Workshop: Building a Lean Innovation Culture Shingo Annual Conference in Provo, Utah
May 22, 2023

The two key drivers for business growth are 1) cost and speed leading to a cheaper product available faster than competition and 2) innovation – having something that nobody else has.

Respect and care for people; humble leadership; and empowered associates are important elements of a Lean culture. A Lean culture and Lean processes deliver speed. Cost savings and principles of innovation excellence build a culture of innovation. These two cultures can support each other with perfect synergy: i.e., innovation culture enhances ideation and creativity that is then efficiently developed into goods and services that deliver increased value to customers.

In this workshop, Norbert Majerus addresses the important elements of an innovation culture:

– Being comfortable with being uncomfortable
– Addressing fear and other impediments to innovation
– Allowing space and time for innovation to happen
– Engaging all associates (not just R&D) in the creative part
– Learning the processes of industrial creativity
– Identifying creativity principles and tools
– Seeing a pathway toward better innovation

The key principles of a Lean innovation culture are illustrated by examples and exercises and enhanced by many stories – real and fiction. Stories can best describe emotions and feelings that are an important part of lean culture and innovation culture. Stories and illustrations also help the understanding of the principles.

After attending this workshop participants are able to:
– Understand what a Lean innovation culture looks like
– Understand the benefits and the challenges to implementation
– Be prepared to implement a sustainable Lean innovation culture in their own organizations

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