Lean-Driven Innovation Workshop
at Cal-Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA

I rather appreciated the workshop you gave on Lean-Driven Innovation at Cal Poly a couple weeks ago. And I’ll be candid—I didn’t expect to.

I figured I’d seen it all before—after all, I owned and operated a consultancy firm for more than a decade before jumping into municipal government some time back. As a small business owner, I knew “lean” as what one does to stay in business, and “innovation” as simply the best way to be successful in the marketplace. I expected to hear much the same content I’d heard for years—in repetitive workshops on applying Agile and PMP methodologies in the municipal organization. And while the content was similar (how could it not?), it was presented from a different perspective that I could appreciate far more in my current career in municipal government than in the private sector during my former life.

Thank you kindly for a most worthwhile learning experience. I hope our paths cross again.

Eric Geddes
Database Administrator
City of San Luis Obispo Information Technology Services