Lean Driven Innovation Twin Cities Continuous Improvement Consortium Workshop Event in White Bear Lake, Minnesota
October 2, 2019
Although lean has found widespread application in manufacturing and services, there have been very few sustained implementations in R&D — and even less in the innovation creation process. Lean startup thinking has energized some areas of application (e.g., software development), but manufacturing innovation has yet to fully embrace lean principles.

Goodyear and many other innovative companies have proven that the benefits of applying lean principles to innovation or R&D — even at the fuzzy front end of the innovation cycle — can be much higher than what has been accomplished in traditional applications, such as manufacturing and services. Benefits include greater agility, more successful new products, better delivery, and much faster speed to market.

This workshop is designed for leaders and practitioners seeking to work more innovatively. Building on the principles of Lean Product Development and Lean Startups, the program provides a comprehensive framework that helps leaders and organizations figure out what to do and how to do it every day. It will provide approaches to answer the following questions:
– How to quickly and efficiently execute a competitive Innovation Creation Process
– How to measure progress to be sure you are getting closer to your goals?
– How to maximize the talent you already have?
– How to discover the truth using simulations, interactions, and tangible experiments?

It applies to all businesses and services that want to become more innovative.

This workshop will focus on the following topics:
– Why innovation is important in all industries, services, and processes
– The lean principles that take an idea to a successful product
– Examples and case studies of successful implementations
– Key tools and features
– Quick learning cycles (agile, scrum)
– Minimum viable products
– Fail fast and often to succeed quickly
– How to engage people in a lean transformation
Innovation and product development subjects, including understanding customer value, collaboration, critical questions, quick learning cycles, minimum viable products, concurrent development, agile, and scrum
– Coaching participants through the creation of a virtual new product by using a sprint cycle

By attending this workshop, what will attendees be able to do upon returning to work on Monday?
– Apply lean thinking to their innovation creation process
– Develop a roadmap to allow everybody to be successful at efficiently creating innovative products, services and processes
– How to engage the people in the transformation and the new process

Who should attend this session:
– Leaders, managers and practitioners in R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing organizations.