Lean Ethics by Jean-Claude Kihn and Norbert Majerus
May 5, 2021

Lean thinking has created wealth for many companies and must set new standards for how Lean leaders and practitioners should look at ethics.

Ethical behaviors are crucial and the lack thereof can be detrimental – just look what happened to major companies such as VW and Boeing. But what we see in the press about ethics violations are just the tip of the iceberg. Most companies are not even aware that what is hidden under the surface can be equally or more detrimental to them.

Is the implementation of traditional Lean processes and behaviors sufficient to avoid the severe consequences of unethical behavior? How can good Lean thinking help?

These and many more questions are explored and illustrated with personal experiences by former Goodyear President Jean-Claude Kihn and by their former Lean Champion and current Shingo Faculty Fellow Norbert Majerus.

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Part 1: Grasping the Situation
Part 2: Principles and Implementation