Thinking Outside the Lean Box from Shingo Webinars
January 15, 2024

Discover the secrets to fostering innovation beyond conventional methodologies in this webinar. Learn from the experience of Goodyear, a company that transformed its innovation culture long before implementing Lean in the innovation center. The webinar will delve into universal and timeless principles that propelled Goodyear’s success, including the explicit goal of obsoleting products, promoting courage and prudent risk-taking, and fostering collaboration across functions.

Explore how Goodyear’s innovation culture, recognized with the AME Excellence award, not only facilitated a quick Lean transformation but also played a pivotal role in avoiding bankruptcy. The webinar will highlight crucial aspects such as the role of clear goals in creating alignment, the importance of crude prototypes in idea demonstration, and the understanding that not every innovation attempt succeeds, requiring patience and trust in people.

Join us for an enlightening session with industry veterans who spent 30 years at Goodyear, unraveling the principles that drove successful innovation. Gain insights into engaging leaders in the development of new ideas and discover the synergy between people skills crucial for Lean initiatives and those essential for thriving innovation. Don’t miss this opportunity to think outside the box and enhance your organization’s innovative potential.