Table of Contents

Goodyear Today: Lean Product Development
Goodyear Results from Lean Product Development
Lean R&D Helps Develop Profitable Value Streams
This Lean “Stuff” Really Works
Goodyear’s Brief History of Lean Product Development
Lean Is a Lot of Work
Lean Principles

Success to Survival to a Foundation for Lean
The Golden Age of Tire Technology
Early Building Blocks for Lean
Use of Product and Process Standards
Knowledge Management Office
New Business Objectives

The Beginning of a Lean Process
The First Kaikaku—Eroding Profits at Goodyear
Change Management
Changes for the Worse
Policemen, Ambulances, and the Downward Spiral
Outside Help Does not Help Out Enough
Matrix and Project Management
Lean Firsts at Goodyear

Finding and Removing Waste from Product Development
Focus on the Customer
What Do Customers Value?
Value and Waste
Muda, Muri, and Mura
Waste Removal Gets Underway at Goodyear

Making New-Product Value Flow
Break Down Large Projects into Quick Learning Cycles
Early Attempts at Visual Planning
Finding Our Bottleneck—Herbie Meets Herbie
The Kaikaku We Needed
Exploring Pull and Flow Concepts
The Turning Point
Fast is Better than Slow
Create a Kaikaku
Pit Crew Tries to Accelerate Speed

Lean and Innovation
Dispelling Lean Innovation Myths
Discovery of Lean Tools in the Innovation Creation Process
It Takes More than One Process
Create Capacity and Resources for Innovation
Funding the Innovation Space
Innovation Talent and Serial Innovators
Add Room for Failure to the Innovation Space
Standardizing Innovation
Managing Incoming Work
Manage Work Entering the Product Creation Process
Cost of Delay (COD)
Goodyear COD Calculation
Creating Customer Value and Profits
Lean Innovation Killers
More Innovation than Ever Before
Goodyear Innovation Awards

Operating the Lean Product Development Factory
From Lean Initiative to Lean Function
Get the Process Right and Results Will Follow
Lean Support—Accounting for Value
Responsibility for Quality
The End of the Herbie Story—Managing Purpose, Process, and People
Lean Purpose
Lean Process
Lean People
Improve R&D Efficiency—It Is OK to be Selfish
Lean Expectations and Endurance

Lean Never Ends
Lean Courage
Get Started


August 13, 2015 by Productivity Press
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