Webinar: Lean-Driven Project Management with Norbert Majerus
June 14, 2018

Although the chief engineer (or project manager) and matrix organizations are staples of a lean organization, few companies have taken advantage of other lean principles and tools when managing their projects. At Goodyear and as described in the book “Lean-Driven Innovation,” lean thinking combined with a solid project management organization has led to large increases in on-time delivery, speed, and agility. Projects meet their business case (profitable products) and resource utilization has been tripled despite a flat budget.

This workshop teaches how lean principles can help project execution, and it describes lean startup principles that help organizations transition new ideas into successful products. In addition to the process, the workshop also covers the appropriate way to manage people and lead project teams.

The workshop focuses on the following topics:

    The prerequisites for successful lean project management
    The lean principles to improve delivery, speed, and agility
    Visual management and visible resource allocation
    Managing people and leading a project team in a lean environment
    Lean project management subjects, including managing projects in small increments, project management flow, resource allocation, late start, respect for people, agile management, visual project management, and daily stand-up meetings