Lean and Six Sigma Conference from ASQ in Phoenix
February 23 – 25, 2020

In 2020 we focus on identifying ways to put those ideas and learning into action at all levels. Quality professionals are uniquely positioned to lead and help their organizations achieve business process excellence through insightful, high-level learning and idea sharing during this conference. Participants will leave with the ability to identify areas of focus within their organization for maximum financial impact.

Participant Ratings
Presenter: 9.3/10
Session: 9.1/10
Participant Count: 53
Participant Comments
Knowledgeable about subject matter.
Really enjoyed the specific examples.
A delightful session and highly valuable perspective.
Norbert is an excellent presenter with an interesting story to tell. Bring him back!
Engagement and Respect and cheap iterations.
Innovation must have a process! Lean drives innovation! Innovation requires developing knowledge before moving to technology!
Loved the stories and how they applied to Goodyear’s Lean journey.
New look at product development through Innovation.
There is a limit to the number of projects a company can get through at one time. Pushing for more means some won’t get done.
Thank you being here to present and share ideas , and the future evolution on these topics.
Excellent, please bring him back!