Lean-Driven Project Management at Project Management Institute
July 18, 2017

Lean practices have revolutionized the manufacturing industry; the application of lean principles have also had a big impact in construction, IT, services and health care. At Goodyear we were also successful in applying lean thinking to research and development, including the creative part of innovation.

As most companies who deploy lean use an organized change management approach and rely on a good project management system, project managers intuitively pick up a lot of good practices along the way. After all, lean principles are used to drive improvements in on time delivery, quality, speed and resource efficiency – so why would lean principles not apply to good project management.

At Goodyear, the PMO (project management office) is integrated with the lean operations group and we have learned how lean principles and practices can be used to significantly improve how we manage all kinds of projects, from construction to IT and innovation.

View the Lean-Driven Project Management webinar at ProjectManagement.com.