LPPDE North America 2017 in San Jose
September 18 – 20, 2017

Norbert Majerus, Goodyear
Co-chair of LPPDE North America 2017

Development speed has never been more important than right now. Being faster than competitors is a big advantage to most companies, but what many companies do not know is that development efficiency improves as they get faster.

Development speed can be significantly improved by the application of lean principles to the development process. For example the correct application of waste elimination, single piece flow, concurrent development etc. had a huge effect at the Goodyear Innovation Centers where they have been used for more than 10 years now.

In this workshop, participants will learn what lean principles increase development speed and how to correctly apply them to achieve the desired effects. Many simulations, examples and illustrations make the workshop effective and fun.

To enrich your learning experience, you can sign up for pre-conference workshops on September 18, 2017. These sessions typically are in groups of 8-16 people and are highly interactive and tailored to the audience as much as possible.

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Learn more about this workshop:

You have watched Lean Start Up build fast-learning innovation processes into the software sector, enabling startups to disrupt entire segments of our society. But how do we in the device, services or product universe reliably innovate to disrupt our segments? Norbert Majerus, Lean Champion at Goodyear R&D and Shingo Prize winning author leads an interactive workshop on recreating the fuzzy front end to radically accelerate and deliver more successful products.

Although lean has found widespread application in manufacturing and services, there have been very few sustained implementations in R&D and even less in the innovation creation process. Lean start-up thinking has energized the area of computer applications but the manufacturing innovation lags behind.
The resistance to lean and innovation is unfortunate: the benefits of applying lean principles to innovation or R&D even at the fuzzy front end of the innovation cycle, can be much higher than what has been accomplished in traditional applications, such as manufacturing and services. Benefits include higher agility, more successful new products, better delivery and much higher speed to market.

This workshop focuses on the following subjects:

  • Why innovation is important in all industries, services and processes
  • The lean principles that take an idea to a successful product
  • Examples and case studies of successful implementations
  • How to engage the people in the transformation

The workshop is hands on and uses many exercises and simulations to explain concepts like:

  • Quick learning cycles (agile, scrum)
  • Minimum viable products
  • Fail fast and often to succeed quickly

Other subjects can be explored based on the interest of the class.

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