Lean Presentations

Lean Product Development
­- Reasons why lean should be applied to product development
­- Main lean principles that apply to product development
­- How a successful transformation can be achieved in an organization

Lean-Driven Innovation
­- Why lean thinking is needed in an innovation creation process and what can be achieved
­- How the lean process is introduced and sustained

Lean Project Management
­- How lean thinking creates a much more efficient and predictable project management process
­- Traditional challenges of project management (on time delivery, speed, etc.) and how they can be addressed and improved
­- Collaboration and people management

Inside-Out Transformation
­- Engaging people in and getting leadership support for a successful and a sustained lean transformation

Change Management
­- A lean transformation is a major change in every organization and much more than a new organization chart
­- Managing change according to established principles

Managing People in a Lean Environment
­- Companies that completed a successful lean transformation manage their people differently

Starting a Successful Lean Transformation
­- Lean transformation that are started correctly have a much greater chance to be successful and sustainable

Basic Lean Principles
­- Not all lean principles apply in the same way to an R&D or innovation organization
­- First learn the principles in order to be able to apply them appropriately

Lean in a Non-Manufacturing Environment
­- Lean thinking can lead to higher benefits when applied in a non-manufacturing environment (R&D, innovation, services, etc.) than in manufacturing

Lean Business Management
­- A small or large business can be managed much better and efficiently by following basic lean principles

1,500 New Products Every Year, On Time and On Target
– How Goodyear releases new profitable products using lean principles

Leading a successful Lean Transformation
– Sharing my experience leading a successful lean transformation in the Goodyear Innovation Centers

How to Start a Sustainable Lean Non Manufacturing Initiative
– Clarity about why and what should be accomplished
– Inventory of existing strengths, weaknesses … and clear goals
– Basic principles of sustainable change management
– Managing the people through the change
Many root causes for the poor sustainability of lean initiatives in non manufacturing can be traced to the beginning of the initiative. In this presentation we discuss how to set up the change process for a sustainable transformation, including the principles of good change management. The presentation also discusses how to engage both associates and leaders in the transformation.

Fast is better than Slow – Making the case for innovation speed
Being faster than competition is a huge advantage in today’s market. Speed is even more important if it can be coupled with agility. But few companies know that the focus on speed also makes their processes more efficient and the quality improves.  

Lean Workshops

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Starting a Lean R&D Initiative (Full Day)
Although there is no universal recipe on how to start a successful lean transformation, there are principles and experiences that help companies get off to the right start.

Introduction to Lean Product Development (Full Day)
This workshop explains the basic principles of lean product development with simulations, interaction, hands-on activities, and examples.

1,500 New Products Every Year – On Time and On Target (Full Day)
This workshop teaches the principles that help the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. launch 1,500 new products every year, on time and on target. The content is based on the book Lean-Driven Innovation.

Advanced Lean Product Development (Full Day)
This workshop teaches the advanced principles of lean product development with hands-on activities, simulations, and examples.

Fast Innovation – The Lean and Agile Way (Under Development)
Focus on the overall strategy/plan, priority and MVP – with the simulation but the simulation starts with the overall plan.

Lean Experimentation (Under Development)
Run small experiments to:
– Manage the risk of big change
– Create people engagement
– Help sell the initiative to leadership

Fast is Better Than Slow (Full Day)
This workshop teaches the lean principles that drive the speed in the development of new products, processes and services.

Lean-Driven Start-up Innovation (Full Day)
This workshop teaches the principles of lean startups within a company, using simulations, interactions, and examples. It applies to all businesses and services that want to become more innovative.

Lean-Driven Innovation – Games, Simulations and Exercises (Full Day, Half Day, or 1.5 hour session)
This workshop shows participants how simulations, games and exercises can be used to teach lean innovation and product development. Participants will have experience the simulations and exercises in a hands on and fun workshop.

From an Idea to a Successful Product (Full Day or Two Days)
This workshop teaches the principles of lean innovation – from an idea all the way to a successful product or service. The workshop walks an idea through the 3 main phases of a modern lean process: the creation, the technology and knowledge development and the product development, using simulations, interactions, and examples. It applies to all businesses and services that want to become more innovative.

Lean-Driven Hackathon (Full Day)
This workshop teaches the principles and tools of a modern lean hackathon. The hackathon will develop ideas of interest to the participants and will conclude with the building of a minimal viable product that can be used to communicate the idea to customers or leaders.

Lean-Driven Innovation for Corporate Leaders (Half Day)
This workshop exposes company leaders to the benefits and the challenges of applying lean principles in a non manufacturing environment like innovation creation, services, process improvement. Benefits are explained in financial terms and the challenges are identified. Special attention is given to the engagement of the leaders and the associates in the change process.

Lean Driven Project Management (Full Day or Half Day)
Lean thinking can increase delivery, speed, and agility of all kinds of projects, and it helps motivate and engage people.

Creating a People Centric Lean Organization – aka: Inside Out Transformation (Half Day)
The success of lean initiatives does not only come from a better process but also from a better way of managing and leading the people in the process. This workshop shares the basic principles of people management illustrated by experiences and examples from the lean initiative at the Goodyear Innovation Centers, as described in the book Lean-Driven Innovation.

Change Management (Half Day)
This workshop teaches the basic principles of change management based on what we learned during the lean transformation at the Goodyear Innovation Centers.

Transforming from the Inside Out (Full Day)
Combination of two workshops: Change Management and Managing People in a Lean Transformation
A successful lean transformation requires the engagement of the people who do the actual work. This workshop teaches the basic principles of change management and shows how to engage people — in R&D and throughout processes and functions impacted by R&D — in a successful and sustainable transformation.

Value-Stream Mapping for Non-Manufacturing Processes (Half Day)
This workshop teaches value-stream mapping in a fun and hands-on environment.

A3 Problem Solving (Two Half Days, separated by 4 to 6 weeks)
A good A3 problem-solving process is an integral part of a continuous improvement culture. This workshop teaches the principles of the A3 process and coaches participants through a real-life application.

Gemba Walks (Under Development)

Learning Courses

Lean Product Development Certification – Black Belt (Two Weeks)
This series of learning events covers all the subjects of lean product development and innovation to enable participants to lead major lean transformations. The course will include one coached A3 project.

Lean Product Development Certification Green Belt (2 Days, Classroom and via Webinar)
This course introduces participants to both the basic principles of lean product development and problem-solving, which will enable them to perform continuous improvement projects in their own R&D organization.